Schweitzz World Vita Inc.


Schweitzz World Vita Inc. has been a leader dietary supplement nutraceutical industry since 1982. Our formulation advisory team consisting of internationally acclaimed scientists, dotors and nutritions experts at numerous research medical univesities in the United States, has let to the development of many health-promoting and desease-preventing natural products.

All of our dietary supplements are fully insured for product liability and are manufactured in the United States in facilities conforming to the strictest guidelines of good manufacturing practices. Our sophisticated label presentation and packaging cater to the high-end consumer interested in both product efficacy and aesthetics.

We currently sell our products at duty-free shops, department stores, hospitals, and pharmacies across the United States including Hawaii, Alaska, Guam, and other parts of the world such as Australia, New Zealand, Saipan, Korea, Japan, China, and Greece.

Schweitzz World Vita Inc.

Why do we need Vitamins and Minerals?

The loss of nutrients and fertilizers Fruits and Vegetables start losing nutrients from the time they are picked then further loss through storage, transportation, and restocking. The end result –almost all the nutrients are lost. Take, for example, one might think orange juice would certainly a lot of Vitamin C but it loses 30% of it after the orange is picked. Furthermore, 40% of Vitamin C is not absorbed but excreted from the body.

Green and yellowish vegetables lose 30% of their nutrition after they are harvested then further lose 40% through processing. One may say that commercially processed foods do not contain any usable, bioavailable nutrients. Most people consider they would get all their nutrients through food. But soils lost most of their nutritional potency due to excessive farming and only a minute amount of nutrients exists in the soils hence you rely on man-made fertilizers to grow plants.

Our body needs at least 26 different nutrients to sustain life while plants would require at least 16 nutrients to survive. Man-made fertilizers only supply plants nutritional demands not necessarily human’s nutritional requirements. The end results? We humans lack the very basic nutrition to sustain life.

Environmental Pollution

Every year in the United States approximately 60,000 tons of man-made chemicals are buried in the soils. They contaminate our water supply. On top of that several million pounds of harmful materials contaminate our air. Foods are contaminated by pesticides, preservatives, artificial coloring, etc. Vitamins and Minerals detoxify various cancer-causing toxic materials in cured meats such as Hot dog, Bacon and Ham, and other processed meats. Furthermore, various Vitamins and Minerals detoxify environmental pollutants from our body. Therefore taking those detoxifiers are a must for our survival.


Excessive workloads, mental and physical stress deplete our reserve of Vitamins and Minerals. Thus replenishing them are a must for our body.


Diabetes, burn, surgeries, pregnancy, etc. further stress our immune system. We have to take immune boosting Vitamins and Minerals.

Contraceptive, Antacids, Antibiotics

Contraceptive deplete water soluble Vitamins. Antacids use interfere Mineral absorption. So do antibiotics for calcium absorption.

Drinking alcohol and Smoking

They are the cause of nutritional deficiency.